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Glanzlichter of Book Art 21: Chirurgia of Abuíl Qāsim
Price: € 98,00   Standing order price: € 85,00
Date: 2012     ISBN: 978-3-201-1965-1

Commentary in German and English

The textbook of surgery written by the Arab physician Abu al-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas az-Zahrawi stood for nearly 500 years as the leading handbook in this field of medicine. It constitutes the oldest and also most important link between Greek classical and late classical medicine and the European medicine of the high Middle Ages.

Abu al-Qasim: an Arab physician of renown
Abu al-Qasim is thought to have been born around the 30s or 40s of the 10th century near Cordoba in Spain (precisely in al-Zahra). The Arabic scholar thus stemmed from the Western Umayyad Caliphate which reached its climax during the 10th century. As the personal physician to Caliph al-Hakam II, he had the opportunity to enlarge his reputation of physician, far beyond the scope of his own work. His writings were widely acknowledged and preferred even to the teachings of the Greek medical authority Galen.

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