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Author: Othmar Spann
Price: € 715,00  
Date: 1963     ISBN: 978-3-201-01724-4

Ed. by W. Heinrich/H. Riehl/R. Spann/F. A. Westphalen/U. Schöndorfer, with critical introductions by the editors and other well-known authors.
Graz 1963–1979. 21 vols., 9064 pp., oct., cloth.
The famous Viennese philosopher, economist and sociologist Othmar Spann (1878–1950) made an unmatched contribution to the reorientation of intellectual and moral aspects of the concepts of state and society after World War I. He was one of the leading advocates of a holistic interpretation of reality and ranks among the foremost Austrian scholars of international renown. Othmar Spann is said to be the founder of holistic theory. Proceeding from economic and social theory, he was interested in all fields of knowledge, including religious matters.

1    Frühe Schriften in Auswahl
Graz 1974. Ed. by N. Hentschel/E. Sulek.
2    Die Haupttheorien der Volkswirtschaftslehre
Graz 1969. Ed. by O. Müllern/A. Reining.
3    Fundament der Volkswirtschaftslehre
Graz 1967. Ed. by O. Müllern.
4    Gesellschaftslehre
Graz 1969. Ed. by H. Kitzmantel.
5    Der Wahre Staat
Graz 1972. Ed. by R. Reim.
6    Tote und lebendige Wissenschaft
Ed. by O. Müllern, Graz 1967.
7    Kämpfende Wissenschaft
Ed. by W. Steffanides, Graz 1969.
8    Kleine Schriften zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftslehre
Ed. by N. Hentschel/F. Sulek, Graz 1975.
9    Kategorienlehre
Graz 1969. Ed. by H. Kitzmantel.
10    Schöpfungsgang des Geistes
Graz 1969. Ed. by N. Hentschel.
11    Gesellschaftsphilosophie
Graz 1968. Ed. by O. Müllern.
12    Geschichtsphilosophie
Graz 1970. Ed. by W. Steffanides/E. Sulek.
13    Philosophenspiegel
Graz 1970. Ed. by N. Hentschel.
14    Erkenne dich selbst
Graz 1968. Ed. by O. Müllern.
15    Naturphilosophie
Graz 1963. Ed. by O. Müllern.
16    Religionsphilosophie
Graz 1970. Ed. by E. Sulek.
17    Ganzheitliche Logik
Graz 1971. Ed. by E. Sulek.
18    Meister Eckeharts Mystische Philosophie
Graz 1974.Ed. by V. Brandstätter/E. Sulek.
19    Kunstphilosophie
Graz 1973. Ed. by R. Amtmann /E. Sulek.
20    Gespräch über Unsterblichkeit
Graz 1965. Ed. by O. Müllern.
21    Othmar Spann – Leben und Werk
Graz 1979. Ed. by J. H. Pichler/H. Klausinger.

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