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Sacrorum Conciliorum. Nova et Amplissima Collectio
Author: Joannes Dominicus Mansi
Price: € 6.800,00  
Date: 1960     ISBN: 978-3-201-00066-6

mansi_en.txtGraz 1960–62. Reprint of the ed. Paris-Arnhem-Leipzig 1901–27, including the “Collectio conciliorum recentiorum Ecclesiae Universae” ed. by J. B. Martin and L. Petit. 53 vols. in 59, 35.898 pp., quarto, cloth.
Vol. 36a including the index was completed by 2700 hitherto missing numbers of pages. It was hitherto ready to vol. 35. By this time it contains all the volumes, revised by our publishing house.

The most comprehensive and most important collection of church council acts
Giovanni Domenico Mansi, a catholic church historian, born in Lucca on Feb. 16, 1692, was archbishop from 1765-67 and his work was mainly the publication of documental material concerning the medieval and modern church history. He died in Lucca on Sept. 27, 1769.
1899-1927 a reprint was arranged by Petit and Martin, and, apart from the earlier councils it contains the general and the important local councils held in the time from the 16th to the 19th century. It comprised 59 vols. altogether.

POPE JOHN XXIII gave his opinion on the work in his speech of Nov. 14, 1960:
"Stanno a nostra disposizione le principale e monumentali raccolte dei Concili: ... l´Amplissima Collectio del Mansi, condota, da questo insigne Arcivescovo di Lucca, fino a più che trenta grandi volumi, continuata poi da Petit e Martin, sino ai sessanta."

On the occasion of the solemn handing over of the work to the Holy Father by the editor Dr. Paul Struzl on March 3, 1962, the Pope - extremely pleased with this present - took the participants of the audience to his study and told them that because of their special importance the volumes would be placed next to his working desk.

Mansi’s collection still is the most extensive and significant compilation of Council acts of all time, and the standard source for Council history.

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