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Jacob Huefnagel: panoramic view of Vienna
Price: € 35,00  
Date: 2000     ISBN: 978-3-201-01757-2

Facsimile edition of the view of the “Atlas Blaeu (Blue Atlas)  - Van der Hem”, Im. 25 Cd. 44.1. Austrian National Library map collection, 389.030-F.K. Stecher: Claes Jansyoon Visscher (Amsterdam 1640, with later changes). Description of the view from Frany Wawrik. Coloured copper engraving with gold and silver plating, 6 pg., collective format 54 x 133.5cm. Deliverz with attached text in a roll-form.

Facsimile reproduction of the view of the legendary “Atlas Blaeu (Blue Atlas) – Van der Hem” ( Austrian National Library map collection).
The native Antwerp, distinquished landscape painter Jacob Hoefnagel (1575-1630) created the first collective view in 1609 of the city of Viena “Vienna Austriae – Vienna in Austria”, which has served and remained for more than 160 years as the unmatched artwork for numerous engravings. It is released once again in 1640 as an unmodified engraving.

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