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Maps from the Atlas Blaeu-van der Hem
Price: € 69,00  
Date: 2000     ISBN: 978-3-201-01753-4

Facsimile reproduction from the maps of the legendary “Atlas Blaeu – Van der Hem”:

World Map – Europe – Archduchy Austria – Inner Austria

Between 1660 and 1663 The Amsterdam book publisher JOAN BLAEU launched cartography from the northern land “Oestindishcen Kompagnie”, Latin, Dutch and French editions of his “Atlas Major”.
600 maps cover the once known collective world, which was the “World Atlas”, in 11 volumes it is the most extensive and expensive book that has been released in the 17th century. It has remained the current World Atlas for over the last 100 years.
The rich Amsterdam patrician LAURENS VAN DER HEM (1621-1628) used this atlas as the foundation for his own collection, which he completed in due course of time with another 1,500 added maps and he left behind a new classification, again assembled in 50 sections. This view of the world is still valid 300 years later in every modern Atlas and every inconscipicuous illustrated travelogue.
In 1730 this work, the greatest and most valuable of all collective versions, was purchased by Prince Eugen Von Savoyen (1663-1736) and later deposited in the Hof library in Vienna, today known as the Austrian library, by his heiress niece Victoria.
This atlas contains 4 maps coloured in water colours, gold and silver and is available in facsimile quality.

1. Joan Blaeu: World Map   Nova et Accuratissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula. Auctore Ioanne Blaev (Amsterdam 1662). Coloured copper engraving with gold plating, 41 x 55cm.

2. Willem Janszoon and Joan Blaue: Map of Europe   Evropa Recens Descripta A Guilielmo Blaeuw (Amsterdam 1662). Coloured copper engraving with gold plating, 41 x 55.5cm.

3. Wolfgang Lazius: Map of the Archduchy Austria ) Avstria Archidvcatvs. Auctore Wofgango Lazio. Guiljelmus Blaeuw Excudit. Ca. 1:650,000 (Amsterdam 1662). Coloured copper engraving with gold plating, 37 x 55cm.

4. Nicolas Sanson d'Abbeville: Inner Austria  Archduchy Steyer, maps, Krain etc. Ca. 1:850,000. Coloured copper engravings with gold plating 42.5 x 58 cm.

From: Atlas Blaeu-Van de Hem, Im. 22 Cd. 3 (World map) and Cd. 11 (Map of Europe); Im. 25, Cd. 18a = 3 (Archduchy Austria); Im. 26, Cd. 4 (Inner Austria). Austrian National Library, map collection, 389.030-F.K.22.

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