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The Book on Falconry by Friedrich II.
Price: € 98,00   Standing order price: € 85,00
Date: 2000     ISBN: 978-3-201-01740-4

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome, codex Pal. Lat. 1071
Date of origin of codex: 1241-1248, south Italy.
Graz 1000, 222 page reproduction
88 page commentary by d. Walz and C.A. Willemsen, 13.5 x 19.5cm
ISBN 978-3-201-01740-4

After decades of observing the fascinating world of birds, Kaiser Friedrich II, the last Staufer, wrote  a teaching book between 1241 and 1248 about Falcon hunting titled “De arte venandi cum avibus” (the art of Falcon hunting) which gained considerable notoriety. The scientific exactness and extraordinary informational content of the text are enriched by magnificent illustrations which adorn almost every page. Over 500 depictions of ca. 80 different bird species and detailed pictures of the falcon are astoundingly true-to-life and precisely illustrated. The manuscript not only holds a special charm, but also a unique status within the world of medieval book production. After the loss of the original manuscript from Friedrichs’ son Manfred, the manufactured codex is not only the oldest of all the preserved versions of falcon books but it is the only continuously illuminated manuscript throughout which therefore represents a vision of beauty and exclusive composition and layout.

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