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Glanzlichter der Buchkunst Die Reihe
Price: € 2.550,00  

Glanzlichter der Buchkunst – The Series
Due to high technical as well as financial expenditure, manufactured facsimile editions are very costly. Strictly limited editions are reserved for only a small highly selective circle of bibliophiles and avid book lovers.

The GLANZLICHTER DER BUCHKUNST series represents an affordable alternative by providing reduced sized and at the same time fully reproduced copies of outstanding illuminated manuscripts open for public access. Every volume includes a commentary.

With every subscription to a GLANZLICHTER DER BUCHKUNST series, a facsimile page in the original size of the corresponding codex will be included with each respective volume ordered.
Series subscription price per volume: 85 Euros
Non-subscription price per volume:   98 Euros

Serial Volumes:
Volume 1: Goslarer Evangeliar
Volume 2: Bible Moralisee
Volume 3: The Hours of Mary of Burgundy
Volume 4: The Book of the Hunt
Volume 5: Reichenau Evangeliary
Volume 6: Medicina Antiqua
Volume 7: Speculum Humanae Salvationis
Volume 8\1 & 8/2: Vienna Dioscurides
Volume 9: The Book on Falconry by Emperor  Friedrich II,
Volume10: Trier Apocalypse
Volume 11: The Golden Bull
Volume 12: The Ramsey Psalter
Volume 13: Tacuinum Sanitatis in Medicina
Volume 14\1 & 14/2: Wolfram von Eshenbachs “Willehalm”,
Volume 15: Oldenburg Mirror of Saxony
Volume 16: The Rose Novel for Francois I
Volume 17: Liber Aureus
Volume 18/1 & 18/2: The Antiphonary of St Peter
Volume 19: The Oxford Apokalypse
Volume 20: The Psalm of Saint Louis

Volume 21: The Chirugia of Abul Qasim
Volume 22/1: The Berthold Sacramentary

For a standing order please contact us online or by phone (+43 316 3644).

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