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Since 1949, ADEVA has been the world leader in the production of manuscript facsimiles. Dr. Paul Struzl, the company’s owner and original founder, was the very first to develop the technology required to produce true-color Fine Art Facsimile Editions.
ADEVA boasts the largest stock of facsimiles in the world (about 130 editions, 44 of which come from the National Library of Austria), twice as many as have been published by any other facsimile producer.
ADEVA‘s facsimiles cover an enormous span of history, from manuscripts of Old Egypt (“Papyrus Ani”, the oldest manuscript dating from 1300 BC.) to the Renaissance period (16th century). ADEVA is the only company to make a facsimile from scrolls (The “Joshua Roll”).
ADEVA also specializes in music facsimiles (Beethoven and Mozart‘s Ave Verum and Requiem).

In 1949, Dr. Paul Struzl came up with an idea to reprint volumes for the many libraries that had been destroyed during World War II. Under his direction and guidance, the Akademische Druck- u. Verlangsanstalt (ADEVA) became the first company to develop techniques for reproducing exact, true-to-the-original reproductions of rare manuscripts. During the 1950s and 1960s ADEVA produced many reprints, including the largest German encyclopaedias such as Johann Heinrich Zedler‘s famous Grosses vollstaendiges Universal-Lexikon aller Wissenschaften und Kuenste (The Great and Complete Universal Encyclopaedia of All Sciences and Arts), still available in the form of an exquisite reprint edition.

In 1960 ADEVA launched the Codices Selecti series with the Sacramentarium Leonianum from Verona; within a few decades it would become the largest fine art facsimile series in the world. A true pioneer in facsimile reproduction of manuscripts, ADEVA set norms which today are used as state-of-the art techniques by any facsimile editor internationally: not only must a reproduction of a codex be made according to the original format, it must also be complete. The manuscripts, for the most part inaccessible, had to be stored in various archives and libraries in order to preserve the radiant colors of medieval originals from the deteriorating forces of pollution. Thus, ADEVA‘s fine art facsimile editions, created to the highest qualifications and standards, serve as exact replacements of the original manuscript for the use of scholars and bibliophiles alike.
During its almost 60 years of existence, ADEVA has always remained true to one principle: facsimile editions are only good if they are accessible to an interested public. In following this principle, ADEVA has always strived to keep its prices for first editions extremely reasonable. Where not possible, other approaches were sought. Thus, the Glanzlichter der Buchkunst (Highlights of Book Art) series was born, which reproduces smaller format manuscripts as art books of outstanding quality. Dr. Michael Struzl, the founder’s son, and his expert team are carrying on the legacy of 60 years of experience to produce new works about the history of books (the Geschichte der Buchkunst The History of Book Art) series.

More than 50 libraries and museums in 20 different countries have cooperated with ADEVA. ADEVA‘s catalogue contains pre-Columbian and Mexican codices, Mogul manuscripts, masterpieces of Arabic calligraphy, Byzantine purple codices and scrolls, manuscripts of Jewish provenance and handwritten testimonies of Occidental culture.

The Golden Psalter of Charlemagne, the Ingeborg Psalter from Chantilly, the Ramsey Psalter, the Virgilius Vaticanus, the Papyrus Ani of Ancient Egypt or even the Falcon Book of Emperor Frederick II are all now accessible without having to travel to one of the major libraries of the world.

The enormous range and variety reflected in ADEVA‘s publishing program make it one of the largest art and science publishers in the world in addition to being the worldwide leader in the production of fine art facsimile editions.


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